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What is required?

"Dying you destroyed our death,

Rising you restored our life!"

The parish community assures you of its sympathy, understanding and co-operation at the time of the death of a loved one. The priests of the parish together with those people in the various Lay Ministries will assist you in preparing for the Funeral Liturgies to ensure that they are meaningful for you.

It is important for us all to remember that when we celebrate a funeral Mass we do so in the light of Christ’s death and resurrection.

In the following sections we will set out aspects of the Church’s teaching and guidelines on Christian Funerals and also some resources in terms of readings, prayers and useful contacts and links.



1. Please ensure that the Funeral Director makes contact with one of the priests of the parish before funeral arrangments are finalised.

2. Two Ministers of the Word to proclaim the Word of God. We encourage you to view our selection of Readings.

3. At least one Minister of the Word to read the Prayers of the Faithful

4. Two people to present the gifts of bread and wine at the Offertory Procession of the Mass.

5. A Cantor to lead the hymns (or alternatively the Choir, if that can be arranged) and Organist for the music. Ideally the Cantor or another person would also sing the Responsorial Psalm.

6. We ask families to take note of the Diocesan & Parish Guidelines.

Please note that in the event of a Funeral Mass being celebrated at one of the scheduled Masses on a Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation the Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist and the Choir who normally carry out their respective Ministries at that Mass shall continue to do so in the normal way.


Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord!

And Let Perpetual Light Shine On Them Forever!